Photos I almost forgot about

In London, the Occupy protesters described themselves as “regular folks” who had upped and left their warm beds to camp out on the damp streets of London. Frustration with the failed finical institutions and the political bail-out that fallowed after drew people out by the thousands in just about every major city across the western world. By the time I left my warm North London flat to have a look they were well into their 4th week of occupying the lawns of St Paul’s Cathedral.

I cant say I wasn’t a bit teed off about the whole bank bail out but what drew my curiosity most was, how people were actually managing to survive on the street for so long? And it wasn’t even summer!

Food tents, music, art , books and pretty much everything needed to supply a small village was set up under several hundred tents sprawled out in front of one of the world’s most iconic houses of religion.

“Regular folks” were not only surviving on the streets of London they were from all appearances well stocked, well organised and thriving on the road to justice and change. I can’t believe I almost forgot to post this.

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